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My Thought On Hamster Kombat PPH or Coin Balance (Which is it?)

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So while everyone is waiting for the launch of the Hamster Kombat HMSTR Token, I thought it would be wise to attend to the confusion among players of this Telegram Clicker game. You never can tell, Knowing the type of reward to focus on will help ease getting the most out of all benefits in future.


So I get this question a lot; which will be used for Hamster kombat Airdrop claim Profit Per Hour or Coin Balance? I will be sharing my own opinion about this, it’s also what I practice too. Make sure to keep your account safe and don’t engage in spamming which might result to banning of your Telegram account.


Before sharing my thoughts with you, I would like to first explain what the two confusing rewards actually mean. Everyone needs to understand What the PPH and Coin Balance means, what they stand for and how it earned.




PPH is otherwise known as Profit Per Hour. It simply means the in-game reward you stand to earn every hour without having to ever tap manually for it.

One can refer PPH as the amount of reward coins which is earned within one hour of work, this coins from your PPH are automatically deposited to your Coin Balance. There are measures how this can be increased which requires unlocking and purchasing high value combo cards on the Hamster Kombat Game.




Coin Balance amount of in-game coins earned while participating in daily rewards, daily combos and Cipher within the Hamster Kombat Game system.


Another way to see your already earned coin balance is just as a virtual currency which is earned through completing tasks, unlocking achievements and above all manually Tapping for it. You can also refer your coin balance as a purchasing power within the Hamster Kombat mini app.




Now according to Hamster Kombat Officials, they made it clear that everyone should focus on the Profit Per Hour (PPH) and not the Coin Balance. The question is this, how will the amount for PPH play a role in the total Airdrop allocation process? I think it’s a bit tricky here.


I think we should all balance the whole equation here, it’s best to build the Profit Per Hour and Coin Balance at the same time. How? How about having the PPH and Coins share 60 – 40 percentage or making it 50 – 50 percentage. For instance, a 2M Profit Per Hour and a 50M Coin Balance looks just good. Remember you are the CEO of your own reward, play wisely.


The way I see it, you will need both the Coins and your PPH towards the Hamster Kombat Token Generation Event when it finally launches it Token on TON Blockchain.



No doubt one may be rewarded differently during the Airdrop allocation, even the famous Notcoin rewarded users who purchased it Auto mining Bots and Skins. I think Hamster Kombat will do just same in this case. This doesn’t stop you from having some Coin Balance on your account, you will need both.






So while playing the Hamster Kombat Game, it’s important to focus on increasing both your PPH and Coin Balance, you never can tell which is the overall target towards TGE.


The fastest way to grow your PPH is to purchase the in-game Combo Cards, not just any of the cards but the most ones with high earning factor.


Now regarding increasing your Coin Balance, you will have to engage in the manual Tapping to earn some, also participate in every day Combos which earns you 5M Coins and the Daily Cipher using morse codes which earns you free 1M Coins.


In Conclusion, this explains my opinion on the Hamster Kombat Profit Per Hour and Coin Tokens within it game play. You never can trust one side of it, this is a project everyone is a CEO of how they run their own reward allocation, be sure to balance everything so you don’t get to regret a thing during or after TGE.

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