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How To Complete Avive Mining KYC Verification (Unlock Avive and BTC Giveaway)

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So the Avive Crypto mining has been going on and still on for several months, just late last year, Avive Mining developers brought the news and opportunity to our hears that all Avive miners can now begin their KYC verification which is the first step to Unlocking the mined Avive coin and the free Bitcoin Giveaway within the mining app.


If you are having or experiencing issues completing your KYC Verification on Avive Mining or you have been in the Avive coin Mining project but haven’t gotten news about it’s KYC Verification yet, well now and here’s your best chance to complete your Phase 1 and Phase 2 KYC verification on the Avive Mining app.


Ensure you read this guide carefully because you can’t afford to make any mistake which might cost you time or something else to fix if at all it can ever be fixed. You can learn more about Avive Mining on the this review page but on this article everything about Verifying your Avive account and have your account to connect Avive to wallet will be disclosed here.




If you must know, Avive Mining has two steps in completing it’s KYC Verification, they include the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Avive Coin KYC. The KYC Phase 1 involves submitting your OKX UID number for review, more info to do that you can find below.


The Avive Mining KYC Phase 2 involves submitting your Avive Mining app username with a default X (formerly Twitter) post. More info to complete this successfully you can find below.




The basic requirements you need to complete your KYC process on Avive app is as follows;
1. Access to Your Avive Mining account on your Smartphone.
2. Good internet connection.
3. An active and verified account on OKX Exchanger (Get below!).
4. Your unique OKX UID number.
5. X (formerly Twitter) account to send your username for final KYC application.


The above are the basic requirements needed to successfully complete your Phase 1 and Phase 2 KYC Verification on Avive World mining app. Don’t Know About Avive Crypto Mining But Would Love To Join The Project? You can simply Read and Follow The Avive Crypto Sign Up process on this review site which appears to be the best on the internet to learn more, understand better and accumulate much more Avive coin and BTC Giveaway.




Let’s get started in completing Avive Crypto mining KYC, follow this guide;
1. First login to your account on the Avive Mining App. (Join and Get The App Here!). Ensure you are using the latest app version.


2. On your Avive Mining app homepage, click on Avive KYC Phase One banner as seen just below your Avive coin and Bitcoin balance. You see a page where you are required to download OKX app and provide your OKX UID. Get Your Personal OKX UID Details Here. It doesn’t cost a dime to get it, but might take few hours for OKX KYC though.



3. Once your OKX UID is gotten from the OKX Exchanger app or site, submit it in the space provided to have your OKX UID sent and reviewed for completion of your Avive Phase One KYC. With all this, you’ve just completed your Phase 1 KYC verification.


4. To complete your Avive KYC Phase Two, login to your Avive account on the mining app, click on the KYC Phase 2 banner seen on the map page. You will be told to Share on X (formerly Twitter) to Apply, click on it and share the post as presented on your Twitter profile.


5. Go back to your Avive Mining app to see if Avive Crypto developers accepts your application. You shouldn’t see the need to share your application again if this Phase 2 KYC application was sent, received and worked successfully.




Well as seen on OKX blog page about Avive Crypto listing on OKX. Avive Coin will and should be listed on December 19, 2023. As at today, there’s no sign of Avive Coin being listed on OKX yet but Avive Testnet coin is now on Arbitrum, that’s a good sign at some point. Right now we can only hope for better Mainnet launch date to connect Avive to wallet.




The Contract Address needed to import on Metamusk or Trust Wallet app and set up Avive Wallet for Avive Crypto is



In Conclusion, this is the guide everyone participating in Avive Crypto mining to verify their account and mined Token so the can claim and transfer to Mainnet wallet when Avive is finally listed on Crypto Exchanger apps, carefully read and follow this KYC procedures to verify your Avive account now.

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  1. Bro. Godwin, I have done everything correct but my kyc phase 2 is still pending, and no one is there to clarify things for us.
    Shall we just delete it and forget

    1. I understand how you feel sir, am sorry there’s nothing i can do from my end, we don’t partner with AVIVE. Try reaching them on twitter but first make sure you are using the latest app version of AVIVE

    1. At this point i think you should contact AVIVE Coin Developers via Twitter. They should have an answer to this, you shouldn’t have missed your KYC though

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