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Athene Network Mining: Earn $ATH Coin till Mainnet Launch (Full Review)

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If you have been considering mining Crypto which obviously doesn’t require any investment then Athene Network is just another Crypto project to look into. Although it might take a while for new mining projects to launch it’s Mainnet and have it reward Token listed on Crypto exchanger platforms, this is just the best and free way to earn Crypto coins.


The Athene Network Mining is all AI powered using your data for mining and earning Gems to get the introduced reward ATH token. Athene Network comes with market research and social listening, in order to make data-driven decisions, brands can track trends, keep an eye on public opinion, and obtain insightful information. This gives companies the ability to comprehend their clients more fully and modify their tactics accordingly.


You won’t just be getting the Athene Network full review on this article, we will walk you through how to get started on this mining project, introducing how to create your account, participate in tasks and earn ATH coins. Everything you need to know about Athene Network Mining will be discussed here.




Athene Network is leading AI training system by a global community collecting data and Manage your mining activities with ease from your phone and start earning ATH coin rewards immediately.




Since Athene Network is a new crypto mining project, one cannot yet judge if it’s a fake or scam mining project to partake in. On the other hand, there’s no telling yet that Athene Network Mining is legit but without the need to invest in it and so far it’s released there hasn’t been any fake news about it.




Athene Network being one of the AI leading mining project in the blockchain system, only requires installation of the mining app and your time mining Gems which will later on be swapped for ATH Tokens when the Mainnet launches. ATH Coin is the reward behind this Athene mining project.


The Athene Network is powered by a global community, which collects and processes a large amounts of data, powering businesses and individuals with valuable insights and enabling smarter decision making. Encouraging Global Network Nodes accept the blockchain’s technological innovations, which promise high scalability, dependability, and quick data retrieval.


By cleverly distributing data gathering chores to Network Nodes worldwide, the Athene network fully utilises the potential of a decentralized network. There are just few features participating in Athene Network Mining they include;
1. AI-Powered KYC and Mining : Athene Network opens KYC verification for users participating in Athene Network Mining and will experience AI in KYC and through secure verification.

2. Data Mining and Rewards : on the Athene Network system, participants are open to explore mining operations, complete quests and earn rewards.

3. Create Your Network : You get to build your connection which comes with team rewards. A mining family increases your rate to accumulate more coins.

4. Climb The Leaderboard : On the Athene Network, there happen to a Leaderboard. You can compete, rise and shine on it as one of Athene Network users with higher rank.

5. Complete Quest For Tickets : Taking and completing certain quest is allowed on Athene Network. Quest earn users Tickets, Tickets can be used on Lucky Wheel to earn Gems, Germs are swapped for ATH coins.




To get started on Athene Network having to mine and earn ATH Coin, follow this guide;
1. First you need the Athene Network Mining App. (Download Here). Use and enter 379f95f957 as your Athene Network referral code.


2. Once you open the Athene Network Mining app, you get to choose to sign up using your email, Google or Facebook account just select the suitable one for you. On the registration page, ensure you select your correct country code so you can provide your phone number.



3. Once you are on the homepage, claim the free 5 Gems to your Gem balance, Gems are to be swapped for ATH coins. Next is to click on the mining option, it’s the middle button on the app and Start Mining for 24 hours but you get to claim mined Gems every hour to your balance.


4. Go to Quest option next to the middle mining button on Athene Network Mining App, here you will find some quest to perform and which surely earn you Rewards once you successfully complete them.


5. It’s time for your KYC verification on Athene Network. KYC is essential to have your mined Crypto released to you. Click on Menu and select KYC to upload your photo as photograph and proceed with the rest KYC verification like providing your Government recognized ID as requested on Athene Network.




Athene Network runs a referral reward program for users who invite others using their unique referral code. On your Athene Network page, you will find your personal referral code to expand your network to a limitless number and get rewarded on each successful invite made.




As far as we know, Athene Network is yet to launch it’s ATH token Mainnet but rumor has it that the ATH Mainnet launch around April – June 2024. This thereby leaves free mining open till further notice.


More news on withdrawal for ATH Coin on the Athene Network Mining app will be passed when the time arises. Till then focus on mining Gems, completing Quests and expanding your own Network with your team members to have you increase your rewards.


In Conclusion, Athene Network is a new mining project you don’t want to miss, mining Crypto coins are like free and time investment for later rewards when coin listing and Mainnet launches on exchanger platforms. Build your network and steady mine your Gems which can be exchanged or swapped for ATH tokens.

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