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Pixelverse Pixel Tap Daily Combo and Connect USDT Wallet (Bybit, OKX, Binance)

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To our greatest surprise, the Pixel Tap Telegram Mini Game has now added the ability to use Daily Combo of Fighting Pets or bot. There’s rewards to claim for every time you successfully add the correct combo as required.


When participating in any Crypto project and you have this hopes and feeling it’s going to boom, the next very hing on your agenda is to mine and farm as much more of it Coin rewards. This is why we will take good advantage of the Pixel Tap Daily Combo. Keep in mind that reward don’t appear dame for all players.


Everything to learn, understand and how to participate in Pixel Tap Daily Combo will be provided in this tutorial. Not just that, you would get to connect your favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange Wallet address as this feature is now available for all players.




The Pixel Tap Daily Combo is a reward option for farmers of the Pixelverse Token $PIXFI and players in the fight game using various pets during combats. By joining together the correct assigned Pets everyday, players stand a chance to win much more coin rewards about 4M Coins or more.


The idea of a Daily Combo is to increase members interest into participating and earning faster on the Pixel Tap Game. Just like the Hamster Kombat Telegram Mini game, which I believe started this Daily Combo thing and Pixel Tap by Pixelverse followed.




There’s no exact amount of coins all users receives from each combo. Due to the fact that players Daily Combo rewards are different, you might want to understand it works and earn more. Well there’s no official announcement from Pixelverse on how coin rewards earn via it Daily Combo. What I get to understand is; your referrals, how often you participate in Combat and upgrade your bots might determine the amount of coin rewards you can earn via Daily Combo.


Where To Get Everyday Daily Combo For Pixel Tap Combo? we will personally provide you with answers to your Daily Combo bots, simply join and stay connected to InvestCoinProfit Telegram channel to receive free updates about the correct daily combo bots or pets to use.






Here’s where you get to know how to perform the Daily Combo;
1. You need be to a member or player on the Pixel Tap Telegram Mini Game. It’s not too late to create an account and join it airdrop project.


2. Next is to Open the Pixel Tap Game and click on Rewards Tab just among the Menu list. Then click on Play right on the Daily Combo Task.



3. You would be taken to a page to complete your Daily Combo, it only requires dragging and put the Bots or Pets in the correct order. It has to be in the correct order. Check the image on this page for the correct Bots and how orderly it was combined.


4. Once you combined all Bots or Pets, click on Check. Pixel Tap system will now check if the combos are correctly configured. You should receive a Congratulations and a chance to claim your Coin rewards.

#NOTE : Coin Rewards earned via Daily Combo varies for all players on the Pixel Tap by Pixelverse game. Some may receive 1 – 4 Million Coins and some less.




Yeah am sure no one wants to skip this part. Here’s how to connect your favorite Crypto Exchange Wallet address;
1. On your Telegram App, open and launch the Pixel Tap Game. Click on the Wallet icon next to your Username on your home dashboard.


2. You should see lots of available Crypto Wallet you can link in receiving your Tokens earned. You might want to select Bybit, there’s an ongoing opportunity for members to earn $30,000 in it Token TGE Airdrop.



3. Select your favorite, I chose OKX for mine. All you have to do is, select I Already Have an Account for whichever Wallet you choose or rather NO if you don’t and create one before you continue.


4. Then open the exact Crypto Wallet App, find and copy your correct USDT ERC20 on the Ethereum Network. Paste the wallet address and click on Made It. You should now have your Wallet Connected successfully.


In Conclusion, this article talks about Pixel Tap Daily Combo which is a means to increase your earnings in the game. On the other hand, this guide also explains how to use the connect wallet feature to link your USDT ERC20 wallet address from your favorite Crypto Exchange App.

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