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Sally Beauty Credit Card Login: Make Payment Online, Access Reward Account

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In addition to the points that Sally Beauty Rewards Members already receive, you can accrue an additional 2.5 points for each dollar you spend with your Sally Beauty(TM) Rewards Credit Card. Additionally, you can use Comenity Bank’s EasyPay feature to swiftly pay your payments online or manage your Sally Beauty Credit Card account online through the Sally Credit Card Login interface.


Comenity Capital Bank provides Sally Beauty Rewards Credit Card Accounts. Cardholders of the Sally Beauty Credit Card can conveniently monitor their credit online from the comfort of their own homes. Cardholders get access to an amazing online account where they may pay off outstanding bills right away and examine the history of their statements.




Before you may access your Sally Credit card account online, there is a procedure you must follow. You must enroll in online services or register in order to activate it. Before it can be activated, you have to fill out a form verifying your credit card details. On the other hand, you must register your card for online account access if this is your first time entering into your Sally credit card account. After you, the account holder, activate your card, register for online access to your Sally Credit Card account, and log in to Account Center, you will always have online access to the following data;
• Online bill payment is available.
• Examine account activities
• Verify the balance on your card.
• Update the details of your account.


It’s quite simple to register for a new account on the Sally Credit Card login page. Just follow the instructions below. Please Visit This Sally Credit Card registration page to register your credit card. Don’t forget to complete the form with your; Social Security Number (SSN), Social Insurance Number (SIN), or Alternate Identification (AIN), Credit Card Account Number, ZIP Code, or Postal Code Identification Type. Add your Social Security Number’s final four digits. To complete the registration process, click the “find my account” option.
If you are unable to find the number or ID or have forgotten it, contact customer service at 1-844-271-2778, 1-888-819-1918 for TDD/TTY.





You must access your online account in order to keep track of your Sally Beauty Credit Card. The method of logging in is really easy. In order to access your Sally Credit online account, you need to know your login and password. Individuals who lack their login credentials must first register. If you already know your login information, all you need to do is follow these easy steps to get into your online Sally Beauty credit card account.
1. Visit to access the Sally Credit Card Login page.

2. Enter your username and password in the fields below and click “Sign In” once you’ve reached the Sally Beauty credit card login page. In the event that the information entered is accurate, you will also be sent to your account dashboard.

3. Click the “Remember Me” button to have an online portal remember your login information. They send a security code to your registered email address or cell phone when you log in using a new or unidentified device to confirm that it’s you. You can omit this step by using “Remember My Device.”
#NOTE : Be sure you don’t use the “Remember Me” option on public computers (such those in libraries or internet cafes) as it saves your username on the device you’re using.


Once logged in, you can modify your personal details, pay with your Sally Beauty credit card, and see your account summary. Additionally, you can enable paperless billing and set up autopay to have your monthly statement deducted each month from a savings or checking account.

For your protection, they will temporarily stop your online account access if you have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to log in. The email address they have on file for your account will receive an email from them containing instructions.




If by any chance you misplaced or forgot your Sally Beauty Credit Card login details, you can make use of the Forgot Username or Password option to reset your login details again so you can proceed to have access to your account. If by any chance you misplaced or forgot your Sally Beauty Credit Card login details, you can make use of the Forgot Username or Password to reset your login details again so you can proceed to have access to your account.




Payments for the Sally Credit Card can be sent to Bread Financial via mail, phone, or internet. Go into your online account and select “Payments” to make an online payment for your Sally credit card bill. Next, decide how much money to send, when to send it, and from where. Cardholders of the Sally Credit Card can also schedule automatic payments. Here are more ways to carryout Sally Beauty Credit Card Payment;
1. Online : Go to the “Payments” area of your account after logging in. Additionally, you have the option to set up automatic payments for your balance, the minimum amount owed, or a custom amount. You can set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to settle your Sally Beauty Credit Card Account balance on the due date.

2. Automatic payments : If you sign up for automatic payments, you can pay the same amount every month—unless it exceeds your My Balance or falls short of your Minimum Due. The automatic payment is increased to meet the Monthly Minimum Due for that month if your Other Amount is less than your Monthly Minimum Due. The automatic payment is reduced to match the New Balance amount for that month if your Other Amount exceeds the New Balance shown on your monthly statement.

You can set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to settle your Sally BeautyTM Rewards Credit Card Account on the due date. You can arrange for an automatic payment of your My Balance, Your Minimum Due, or Any Amount. When you do, ten days prior to the payment being taken out of your checking account, you will receive an email reminder. Then, on the date of your payment due, your payment will be made in accordance with the method you choose; there won’t be any late fees, postage, or other issues. Navigate to the Automatic Payments section.

3. Comenity’s EasyPay : Using Comenity’s EasyPay, you can pay your bill without having to register for an Account Center account or provide a username and password. After requesting a few pieces of personal data, they grant you only enough access to make a payment—not to view any additional details about your account. This is how it operates;
• Navigate to the Sally credit card login screen.
• Select “EasyPay” from the menu at the top.
• Enter your account number, ZIP code, and the final four digits of your Social Security number, or scan the QR code found on your billing statement.
• Click on “Find my account,” To finish your payment, adhere to the directions displayed on screen.
Via Phone : To make a payment, contact (888) 566-4353 or the number on the back of your card, input your card details, and adhere to the instructions. Please be aware that processing a phone payment may incur a cost. If you decide you do not want to pay the price, you can cancel your payment.

Payment via Mail : If you would rather pay with a check or money order, you can pay for your Sally credit card through mail. Here’s how to do it;
• Pay the minimum amount due by purchasing a money order or writing a check.
• Take the payment coupon off of your statement of accounts.
• Payments should be made to Community Capital Bank, P.O. Cox 659820, San Antonio, Texas 78265, along with the payment coupon.




Customer Care Number and Hours
Number : 1-844-271-2795
TDD/TTY :1-888-819-1918
Monday to Saturday : 8:00am – 9:00pm. Sunday is Closed.
Other Closed times are New Year, Memorial, Christmas, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving
Live Customer Care hours may differ on holidays.

Customer Service Address;
Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003.

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